About Us

Hotel Eucalyptus and Eucalyptus Houses in the center of Messaria Santorini are two sister enterprises offering exquisite hospitality that meets every traveller’s needs.
With respect to the long-standing tradition of Hotel Eucalyptus, which has been welcoming guests to the island for more than four decades, and to the authentic way of life of Santorini and the Cyclades, the Eucalyptus experience combines the famed Greek hospitality with modern amenities, the convenience of location and curated services to offer a pleasant, irresistible stay.
After a full renovation, Hotel Eucalyptus joined forces with the newly built Eucalyptus Houses and together offer amazing accommodation proposals at competitive prices.
Check out our rooms and houses and choose the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle, for the perfect summer holiday stay in Santorini.

Conveniently Located in the Center of Messaria Village and Santorini

The village of Messaria, where the Eucalyptus Houses are located right in the center boasts convenience of location with easy access to all of Santorini’s major attractions, famous beaches, the capital Fira and the airport, while offering irresistible comfort in stylish environs that guarantee privacy and absolute holiday satisfaction. Discover the joys of authentic island living and enjoy your stay to the core, a truly relaxing and satisfactory experience for your summer holidays.

Design Meets Functionality and Serenity

The Eucalyptus Houses complex was designed with your utter comfort in mind. Spacious rooms made for relaxation, doused in natural light, and adorned in unique local artwork set the tone for a stay with all the elements of an inviting island home. Coupled with modern amenities and stylish living essentials, the Eucalyptus Houses promises an indulgent stay in privacy and absolute contentment, just what you and your family need for the perfect holiday stay in Santorini.